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Comet II Wood Lathe
Jointer20181209 25pct.jpg
Owner Fox.Build
Manufacturer Teknatool
Model Nova Comet II
Serial # N/A ??
Usability Operational
Contact Doug K., Erik R.
Product Website https://www.teknatool.com/product/nova-comet-ii-midi-lathe/
Instructions Lathe Manual
Hackable No
Replacement Cost $600
Maximum Size 12" diameter, 16" length
Any other useful info ?


The Nova Comet II Wood Lathe is a versatile wood lathe that can be used to turn pens, bowls, spindles, etc.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bowl turning capacity: 12″/300mm inboard.
  • Between centers: Standard 16.5″/419mm. Extendable to 42″/1066mm, using optional bed extension accessory.
  • HP: 3/4HP, 120v single phase, 60Hz, Variable Speed
  • Speed range: 250 – 4,000 RPM.
  • Spindle Thread: 1″ x 8TPI RH.
  • Tailstock: 2MT hollow, quill travel 1.6″/40.60mm.


Important safety information.

  • Keep hands away from the chuck, turning wood, and tailstock while the lathe is running
  • Wear Safety Glasses when using the lathe
  • Breathing masks are available and encouraged

Getting Started


Any type of wood

Power and Cutting Speeds

There are two speed ranges, selected by drive belt position

Tips and Tricks

Your First Project

Steps here for a simple first project.

Your Second Project

Steps here for a slightly more advanced second print after doing the first.