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March 7, 2017



  • Went over the budget surplus
  • Talked about Raspberry Pi for like 4 minutes
  • Talked about stuff we want to do moving forward


  • Organized Shelving (Shane)
  • User Management System / Wiki wants (Chris)
    • Skills inventory
    • Equipment Inventory
    • Bounty System
    • Requistioning System ("Stuff I want")
      • Stuff 'I' Want:
        • HDMI to Micro HTMI adapter
        • Powered USB hub for working with PIs
        • LoRa Module
  • Mentorship program (Rick)
  • Bios (Rick)
  • Wants:
    • Micromechanics bench (Shane)
    • SPare laser (Paul)
    • Pick and place machine (Everyone but Rick)
      • Anyone looking at printing PCBs look at OSH Park they have great PCBs manufactured in the US for 5 bucks a square inch for 3 copies of your board and a solder mask, or 1 buck if you are ordering over 100 square inches
      • Recommendations for P&P machines:
        • Lite Placer ~1800 this is the DIY kit option, It is cheap, dirty, and you get what you pay for, most people have a good experience but a few have some issues, see video. I (David Hickox) would be willing to build it since I already deal with similar things on a daily basis.
        • Vision Bot ~3000 this is a much better machine, it comes assembled, actually has support staff, and it is more reliable but it is almost twice the price, in the long run I think this is the better option, but how long are we going to keep it is the question, will we be offered a larger machine if we move to a larger place?
        • I don't really care to go into more expensive machines since the next real step up is the full cabinet sized production machines which used cost around 10k these previous two are probably the best options because they are the only machines I could find that could handle large parts (a lot of other cheap machines can only do resistors and such)
        • We will also need a good reflow oven (The toaster never did anything wrong!!) all jokes aside I vote we give Rick a thermocouple, a relay, and an Arduino and see if he can whip something up that can automatically follow the reflow heat pattern for FR4 pcbs (Idiot proof things are nice when you have me around)
  • Add a "News" section to the social night (Chris)
  • "5 Minutes of Fame" night (Chris)