Maker Select V2

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Maker Select V2
MakerSelectV220191025 25pct.jpg
Owner Jeff E.
Manufacturer Monoprice
Model V2
Usability Operational
Contact Please Adopt Me!
Product Website
Instructions Maker Select V2 Manual
Hackable No
Replacement Cost $260



  • Heated build plate allows for high-reliability printing of slow cooling materials
  • Can use compatible software, such as Cura, Repetier, or Simplify 3D
  • Expanded user's manual with detailed, easy-to-follow assembly and usage instructions
  • Tighten just 6 screws and be printing in 10 minutes


Important safety information.

  • Use care when working around the printer - it may be hot!

Getting Started


Most 3D printing materials, including PLA and ABS.

Power and Speeds

  • 200 x 200 x 180 mm build area

Tips and Tricks

Your First Project

Steps here for a simple first project.

Your Second Project

Steps here for a slightly more advanced second print after doing the first.