Leatherworking Machine

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Fisters Leatherworking Machine
LeatherMachine 20190603 25pct.jpg
Owner Fox.Build
Manufacturer Fisters
Model none
Serial # N/A ??
Usability Operational
YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zawvl5ZZIdI&feature=youtu.be
Instructions Leatherworker Manual
Hackable No
Replacement Cost $199
Any other useful info ?


The leather working machine was originally targeted at shoe repair, but is capable of working with many other leather projects. The following document describes the main parts of the machine: File:Universal Patcher Parts.pdf

To operate correctly several setup actions must be performed. First, the crank must be installed as shown (this should already be done - this info is in case it needs to be re-installed for maintenance)
Second, a needle of the proper size must be selected: NeedleSelection.jpg
and third, the shuttle timing must be correct:


Important safety information.

  • Keep your fingers away from the needle!

Getting Started


Textiles, especially leather

Power and Speeds

This is a hand-driven machine: speed is limited by the operator.

Tips and Tricks

The following manuals may be helpful: Media:29K_Operators_Guide.pdf
In addition, the following videos and websites may be helpful: Bobbin Threading Video
Another Bobbin Threading Video
Alignment Diagram
Capability and Threading

Your First Project

Steps here for a simple first project.

Your Second Project

Steps here for a slightly more advanced second print after doing the first.