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4"x36" Belt Sander with 6" Disk Sander
Sander20181209 25pct.jpg
Owner Fox.Build
Manufacturer Wen
Model 6500
Usability Operational
Contact Please Adopt Me!
Product Website
Instructions This Wiki and 4x36 Belt Sander Manual
Hackable No
Replacement Cost $100
Belt and Disk Sizes 4"x36" belt, 6" disk


WEN 6500 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander with Steel Base


Important safety information.

  • Wear Safety Glasses when using the sander
  • Turn on the air filter when using the sander
  • Use of a breathing mask is highly recommended
  • Do not use damaged, torn, or loose sanding belts or disks
  • Always sand on the downward rotating portion of the disk when using the disk sander

Getting Started


Wood, plastic

Power and Cutting Speeds

  • Belt speed is up to 1150 feet per minute

Tips and Tricks

  • The disk can be used with the miter guide to square up small discrepancies

Your First Project

Steps here for a simple first project.

Your Second Project

Steps here for a slightly more advanced second print after doing the first.