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SolderingArea20191015 25pct.jpg
Owner Fox.Build
Manufacturer Various
Usability Operational
Contact Rick C. or Doug K.
Hackable No


The Fox.Build soldering station includes everything you would to solder or unsolder electronic parts:

  • Numerous soldering irons
  • Solder suckers
  • Air filters
  • Helping hands to hold parts
  • Lighted Magnifier
  • Hot air machine
  • Smoke absorbers
  • Surface Mount Device (SMD) rework stations


Important safety information.

  • Always place soldering tools in their holders when setting them down
  • Turn off the bench power when you are finished

Getting Started


Electronics soldering

Power and Speeds

Tips and Tricks

The poeer to the workbench is located at the far right back corner of the workbench. It is mounted in the electrical box with the outlets.

Your First Project

Steps here for a simple first project.

Your Second Project

Steps here for a slightly more advanced second print after doing the first.