Notes for New Members

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  • Please read the Code of Conduct
  • Please clean up after yourself - put your tools away and sweep up anything you've left on the floor (i.e. sawdust, metal filings, etc.).
  • If you are making things to resell then you are expected to purchase the consumables.
  • There are storage lockers located on each floor. First floor lockers are at the top of the stairs that lead to the basement. Second floor lockers are located in the north room next to the library. Lockers are first-come-first serve. Feel free to use any unoccupied locker - just put your name on it. Also, please remove your name when you are done with the locker.
  • Most equipment has a QR code near it. The QR code points to a Wiki page with instructions and helpful information on using that piece of equipment. The woodshop has a notebook with the manuals for most of the machines.
  • If you need to buy supplies for your project check out Sources for Parts, Supplies, and Consumables for a list of suppliers suggested by other members. (Feel free to suggest additions).
  • The recommended WiFi network is "FOX.BUILD" and the password is "". Other networks may show up but are not recommended.
  • The Ethernet jacks on the first floor are labeled with an 'A' or a 'B' suffix. The 'A' jacks are connected to Comcast and the 'B' jacks are connected to AT&T.
  • The public laser printer on the first floor is a Brother 8890dw. It is connected to the Comcast network or FOX.BUILD WiFi
  • The public printer on the second floor is a HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 color printer.
  • Any other printers visible on the network are in offices and are private.