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=== Tips and Tricks ===
=== Tips and Tricks ===
* [https://www.camaster.com/a-rundown-on-cnc-router-bits-and-end-mills/ Overview of milling bit types]
== Your First Project ==
== Your First Project ==

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Metal Mill
MetalMill20191014 25pct.jpg
Owner Fox.Build
Manufacturer Precision Matthews
Model PM25-MV
Serial # D2519204
Usability Operational
Contact Doug K.
Product Website https://www.precisionmatthews.com/shop/pm-25mv/
Instructions PM25-MV Mill Manual
Hackable No
Replacement Cost $1700



  • Extremely Reliable, Brushless DC Variable Speed Motor Included Standard
  • Belt Drive Design, For Smoother, Quieter Running
  • Extra Large Column To Base Mount, Over 400% More Area, Makes A Much More Rigid Machine, Greatly Improved Over Other Machines In This Size Range
  • 3 Bolt Head to Column Mount is Standard, Also For Increased Rigidity
  • Runs in both Forward and Reverse, Good for Tapping
  • Larger Dials at Table Ends, Graduated in .001”, For Easier to Read, Accurate Table Movements
  • Leadscrews Are True Inch Pitch Screws (Not Metric Conversions Like Many), 10 Threads Per Inch (.100” Per Turn)
  • Machine Carries A 3 Year Warranty For Added Peace Of Mind


Important safety information.

  • Always wear eye protection
  • Never leave loose tools or parts on the machine while it is running
  • Do not circumvent or disable the safety shield
  • Keep hands clear whenever the macine is running
  • Make sure the workpiece is securely clamped
  • Be sure to prevent hair, clothing or jewelry from becoming entangled in moving parts

Getting Started

A quick overview of the various parts of the milling machine is available Here


Metals: Steel, Aluminum, brass, etc.

Power and Speeds

1HP variable speed motor

There are 2 speed ranges:

  • Low: 50-1250 rpm
  • High: 100-2500 rpm.

Tips and Tricks

Your First Project

Steps here for a simple first project.

Your Second Project

Steps here for a slightly more advanced second print after doing the first.