2019 Holiday Parade

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* We had the highest light density. The mascots were dim, and we did not buy glow sticks and we did not have truck bed spotlights as in 2018. Maybe that's why people were not so crazy about the mascots as in 2018?
* Maybe instead of using "the sign" in 2020 we just project images onto the backside of the sign or a bedsheet? No phone number, more calls to action, we can cut holes in a bed sheet and not care, fits on trailer better.
* Parade vehicle *must* have tools in cab or in a trailer support vehicle (the float collapsed last year).
* Add a support vehicle for tools and repairs? Add lights to the support vehicle?
* Need more sign bolts. Strong winds ripped the canvas out of the frame, even with washers. Should we cut wind holes?
* People don't notice wooden planks as supports (guy wires suck). Do an A-frame wood support in front of the trailer and use guy wires only in the back.
* Painters tape won't work in the wind/ rain. NEXT YEAR: Avoid humidity problems by using rare earth magnets + copper wire tether line as a backup support to the painters tape. Or use clear sheeting.
* How do we get a lower parade staging #? The audience was less enthusiastic as the parade progressed.
* Parade marshall did not let martin ride his skateboard.
* LED Strip lights on the edge were nice, and screwing the 2x4s over them tightly did not break them.
* Procure vehicle earlier! Last year we got the truck the night before.
* Robot fox was a hit.
* Participants really upped their game this year. We're going to need to up ours as well. Costume wearables
* One large pizza is not big enough for the support team.
* Homogenous screws made tear down easier
* Always QA Lights before attaching them
* Do parade planning earlier this year (Oct 1)
* Bring bullet to garage or find someone with huge garage. It was cold.
* We should represent this  more as a makerspace. Open flames? Stuff people can't copy. Now that we are more experienced with this stuff, let's do it bigger. Wearables, arduinos, whatever.
* Buy a bunch of small 12" extensions (you will need them, trust me)
* AAR/SOPs *actually* helped- do an AAR!
* Do music? If we fail at this one, no one will notice. Also, all cars have stereos.
* The Go Pro was cool and we should do more of that. Front window cam?

MARTIN IS ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. No, he can't get out of it, sorry.

* Everyone: Bring spotlights, extensions cords from home
* Management: Glowsticks (dollar tree)

EMAIL FROM PARADE STAFF: · Your assigned entry in the parade is number 44. Please locate your # on the map attached. · Please refer to the enclosed map for your line-up location. · Please refer to the enclosed Naughty & Nice list for KEY parade policies. · Please plan on arriving at 4:00 p.m. ONLY PARADE VEHICLES & UNITS ARE ALLOWED IN THE LINE-UP AREA. ALL DROP-OFFS MUST BE MADE OUTSIDE THE LINE-UP AREA OFF ILLINOIS STREET OR SOUTH 7TH STREET. · The parade will step off at 5:30 p.m. SHARP. · Parade Marshals will be available at each intersection to help you. They will be wearing neon yellow vests. · PLEASE pay attention to our parade pacers who will also be wearing neon yellow vests. They are responsible for ensuring the pace of the parade. · PLEASE DO NOT hand out anything during the parade. · The parade will not be canceled for any reason. Please dress appropriately for inclement weather. · A Port-A-Let will be located at South 6th Street in the McDowell Lot. · At the end of the parade route, all marching bands will exit north on 4th Avenue. All vehicles will exit south on 4th Avenue and very large vehicles will either exit east on Main Street or south on 4th Avenue. All riders must exit vehicles and floats as quickly as possible to keep the flow of the parade moving.


* MULTIPLE PEOPLE: (1 week out) Move stuff out of the conference room so that ballerinas can perform.
* Martin: bring battery tools
* Martin: will get foxy tool belt
* Rick: Bring work boots for the fox
* Vanessa: Bring fog machine, photography lights


* 2 foot shoulders
* 2 foot torso minimum


* Doug: Get replacement hitch pin clip thing
* Management: Glowsticks (dollar tree), Vent hose for robot arms
* Tri: Make robot costume
* Doug: Get generator
* Rick and Doug: Monday 5:30 pm meet at fox.build to do inventory of supplies we have, test LED lights.
* Everyone: disassemble and number parts on Fox.Build float sign.
* Cris: Get batting, possible costume.
* Doug: (CANCELLED?) Call "All Dressed Up" for possible fur suit rental
* Rick: (CANCELLED) Email city to get authorization to wear hat.
* Rick: Fox suit needs gloves


* Disassemble the sign
* Collect _everything_.
  1. Agenda, 7 NOV 19 Meeting
* Review last year's parade.
* The Wiki and #parade2019 are the ONLY COMMUNICATION CHANNELS.
* Establish number of weekends remaining and timetable (including AAR).
* Personally ask Cris to help us?
* Mark the ends of the light strings to make removal easier (harder job than imagined- make painter tape loop with number of insertion).
* Ask Pat if we can store the trailer at his house.
* We need the official parade rules  see link below
  1. Questions
* Discuss Lights from above?
* Use our old sign this year?
* I have duct hose. Will you be my Robot?
* Inverter + Deep discharge batter instead of battery?
* WTF DID THIS MEAN? Light up logo for the fox suit (??)
* Candy cane on trailer?
* Tool belt for Fox
* Sign on front of vehicle that says fox.build
* Vehicle under carriage lights
* Long drill bits (more is better)
* Homogenous deck screws (don't mix head types its a hassle)
* glowsticks
* Batting for the Fox so it looks fluffier and less like a middle-aged dad.
* The shop needs better / more battery powered hand tools.
* Tape
* Zip ties
* Same head on the screws we buy next year.
* Buy a light trailer. $300 at Harbor Freight, stored at Pat's house.
* Spools for the lights we already have
* Hitch pin clip on the hitch was a disaster- get a replacement
* Whirly gigs. OMG Whirly gigs.
* More masking tape
* More extension cords
* colored undercarriage bulbs
* replacement hitch pin clip 
* Glowsticks (dollar tree)
* Vent hose for candy cane and robot arm
* Silver spray paint
  1. Parade Rules
Parade Regulations.png