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THIS IS FOR 2018. For 2019, go to the [[2019 Holiday Parade]].

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THIS IS FOR 2018. For 2019, go to the 2019 Holiday Parade.


We finished our first Parade entry as a Makerspace. The consensus is that it was a total success and that we need to replicate that success again for other parades.

For the 2018 entry, we hauled a large Fox.Build sign, covered in lights, pulled by Tim's truck, while Rick danced in the bed of the truck dressed as a fox.

This document will serve as a compendium of lessons learned for future generations of Fox.Builders.


* I was surprised that the float christmas lighting was adequate. It was above and beyond our expectations.
* The current setup is the perfect springboard for more stuff. We're "good" now, so next year could be "great".
* The Fox was a HUGE hit. If we do the St Pats thing, the fox gets an Irish hat and shamrock.
* There were WAY more people than I anticipated.
* Truck bed lighting with shop lights was extremely effective at illuminating the fox.
* We looked better than most floats.


* Need better team notices and communication about meetings
* Add music (must be holiday themed, "What Does the Fox Say" might be good for future non-holiday parades)
* Fox needs tool belt/santa hat
* Inverter + Deep discharge batter instead of battery?
* Light up logo for the fox suit
* Lights from above.
* Mecatronic robot on the float
* More stuff on trailer (candy cane?)
* Sign on front of vehicle that says fox.build
* Use old Fox.Build sign on next float?
* Vehicle under carriage lights
* We need glowsticks
* Mark the ends of the light strings to make removal easier (harder job than imagined)
* Maybe we can add some batting to the Fox so it looks fluffier and less like a middle-aged dad.
* More "stuff" on the float, eg: Bender the Robot statue.
* The call to action was worthless- we got 4 inquiry texts
* The shop needs better / more battery powered hand tools.
* There is no need to wear a jacket under that costume. It's hot in there! I was super sweaty by the end.
* We need tape, zip ties, and all the same head on the screws we buy next year.
* We could enter more than one float

Action Items:

* Build a coat of lights to drape over the truck?
* Buy a light trailer. $300 at Harbor Freight, stored at Pat's house.
* Hitch pin clip on the hitch was a disaster- get a replacement
* Get spools for the lights we already have
* Pat can store a float trailer at his house if we buy one.
* Cool down the Fox with coldpacks inside costume
* Cris might be able to help with the costume.
* Find out if Batavia / Aurora / Geneva do parades?
* Whirly gigs. OMG Whirly gigs.
* We need to enter every parade in St. Charles. Thinking specifically of St Pat's.
* We should see if there is a Holiday Lights parade committee and send a delegate. I think there's some insights we might gain if we get closer ties to the parade.
* Vanessa may be able to be a comittee delegate (1000 XP)


* When is signup for St. Pat's parade?

St. Patty's Ideas:

* Have a build competition between floats.
* $275 per entry
* Make sure we are not next to our other float.